Feel free to ask questions using the Contact Us tab. Some of those questions will be gathered here and answered for everyone to see. 


Why should I request membership to 301FW.com?

301FW.com is created for collaboration of 301FW members and their families. Motivated first by the Key Spouse program, other groups will follow. So, if you are a 301FW member or family and want to know where to meet for socializing, charities, training, or other useful activities, fill out the Contact us tab and click on the Login-Sign up button to request membership.





Is this site secure?


Yes. Security is maintained by full-time Wix.com professionals. Login/Sign up services use a secure server. [Ref: https://www.wix.com/support/html5/about-wix/security/kb/security-of-wixs-sign-up-services] However, due to security being maintained by Wix.com personnel rather than 301FW.com admins, very little PII (personal identifiable information) will be stored on 301fw.com. Instead, all PII will be given to Family Readiness for storage in compliance with military standards.



Is this an official military website?


No. 301FW.com is an unofficial website for collaboration of 301FW.com members. Content is created and managed by volunteers. Security is maintained by full-time Wix.com professionals. Due to 301FW.com not being an official military website, very limited personal information is stored with this website, primarily only email addresses for suscribed communications. PII (personal identifiable information) is given to Family Readiness for storage in compliance with military security protocols. 

301FW.com was created to empower coordination of support organizations, charities, and social networks within the 301st Fighter Wing. We hope to provide a secure and respectful environment for all 301FW members and their families to coordinate, network and serve.

Get Social with us!


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Share your thoughts!


Once you are registered, you will be able to share your thoughts and ideas with your key spouse, other airmen, and their families on member-only areas of this website. Please remain respectful and charitable in all interactions.


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